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Thanks for looking into Teamatics! We hope this provides you with the necessary information you may need to refer to our Preferred Partner. Please look through the information and let The Partner’s Team know if we can help answer any questions.
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What does Teamatics do?

Employee Development

Product Features

Performance Development, Skill Inventory, Career Mapping, Certification Management, Skill Gap Analysis.

Competitive Advantage

Employee-Centric focus on purpose via growth in alighment with their own strengths, interests, and passions.

What does Teamatics offer that BambooHR doesn’t?

Teamatics is the one and only Employee Development Partner!




BambooHR / Teamatics Integration

One-way API integration. Teamatics pulls employee information from BambooHR, which is the “record of truth” for your people, saving you from having to maintain it separately in Teamatics.

Some of Teamatics Integrations

ConnectWise, FinancialForce, & Okta




Departments sold to:

Human Resources


Any English-Speaking company globally.

Languages Supported:


What size of organization does Teamatics sell to?


Customer Key Attributes:

Tracking Skills and Certifications in Excel, Manually managing training and career road mapping.




Pricing Details

Pricing is per employee per month.

Timelines & SLA’s

Sales Timeline

When a lead is sent via the BambooHR Marketplace form a representative from Teamatics will reach out within 1 business day.

Implementation Timeline

If a customer has a competency framework (skills matrix) by role they are typically implemented within a week. If they need to build out their own it greatly depends on their internal requirements, but we often see roughly 3-4 weeks.

What is the qualification criteria?

Typically a minimum of 30 employees (optimally 100-1000) to get strong value. Understands the value of empowering their people to own their growth and career goals. Wants to grow their people in alignment with their own strengths, interests, and passions. Knows this employee-centric approach will attract and retain the best people.


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