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Small Improvements

Thanks for looking into Small Improvements! We hope this provides you with the necessary information you may need to refer to our Preferred Partner. Please look through the information and let The Partner’s Team know if we can help answer any questions.
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What is Small Improvements?

Small Improvements is a performance feedback platform that helps employees and companies grow and succeed.

Product Features

Performance Reviews, 360 Degree Feedback, Praise, One-on-One Support, Goals & Objectives

What does Small Improvements offer that BambooHR doesn’t?

By focusing exclusively on performance feedback, Small Improvements offers deeper features than BambooHR, satisfying more demanding or larger clients, without competing with BambooHR on its home turf.

Competitive Advantage

  • Highly configurable for HR, yet easy to use for end users
  • Very dedicated support & customer success




BambooHR / Small Improvements Integration

One-way via API (from BambooHR to PerformancePro). Changes to employee information managed in BambooHR can be automatically detected and updated within Small Improvements. Reporting features for Small Improvements are available directly through the BambooHR Reports interface

Some of Small Improvement’s Integrations….

Slack, Gmail, SSO Solutions




Departments sold to:



US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe

Languages Supported:


Average Company Size:

The sweet spot is 100-500, but Small Improvements covers 50 to 2000

Customer Key Attributes:

Forward-looking HR team, some come from paper based processes, but may simply need a very flexible yet lean & user friendly solution

Key Joint Customers:

Vimeo, Workable, Version1, Planet Labs, Postmates




Pricing Details

$7 for the first 200 users, then $5 for the next 300, etc. 25% discount for annual payment. Details can be found at

Timelines & SLA’s

Sales Timeline

When a lead is sent through the BambooHR Lead Form, clients are reached out to within one business day, but often faster. Typically, clients need 2-3 product demos and a few weeks to decide on purchasing

Implementation Timeline

In theory, Small Improvements can be rolled out within hours, but it typically takes clients 2-4 weeks to test properly, revisit options, and then roll out

Quick Links & Collateral

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