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Truework Covid-19 Employee Management Tool

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Keeping your employees safe.

Truework’s Covid-19 Employee Management tool helps employers manage and track employees’ health status to ensure safety and compliance in both office and remote environments.

Manage and track employees health in a centralized dashboard.

  • Case management tool that enables tracking of all employees with employee daily health questionnaires while maintaining privacy.

  • Employee Questionnaire based on EEOC and CDC guidelines.

  • Store health data on SOC-2 and ISO certified infrastructure.

Capture Employee Info seamlessly – with consent

  • Connects through 20+ HRIS systems to pull in active employee data.
  • Bundles compliance and health support partners for a robust solution.
  • Mobile optimized interface for employees on-the-go.

Built for scale and flexibility to quickly add new features

Current Features

  • Manage and track employee’s health status

  • Automated health questionnaire

  • Ability to upload health documentation

Future Features

  • Expansion into testing, cohorting, scheduling, tracing, and other needed tools

  • Employers have flexibility to customize questions and answers and send via email or text


Truework Covid-19 Employee Management Tool is fully integrated with BambooHR. You can use your existing systems to seamlessly integrate to a solution to track and manage your employees’ health status (For further information about fields that sync with BambooHR & Truework please visit: based so that employees know how their health data is being used. Mobile optimized interface for employees on-the-go.

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Updated: 06/15/2020
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