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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's manually initiated by the user in the Partner App
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Sync Frequency
On demand through the remote link sync in TRAXPayroll

NOTE: TRAXPayroll is only accepting existing BambooHR customers at this time.  To learn more about how to become a BambooHR customer and try it free, click here.

Instead of burdening BambooHR customers with the usual time-consuming and overly-complex payroll process, TRAXPayroll makes running payroll quick and stress-free. With an easy three-step process, federal and state tax filing, exceptional customer support, and a deep integration with BambooHR, you can be confident that TRAXPayroll will help save you time and simplify payroll so you can focus on more strategic goals.

Full-Service Tax Filing

In 2017 alone, the IRS assessed 5.36 million tax penalties related to employment taxes, amounting to almost $7 billion in fines. That’s no joke! But with TRAXPayroll taking care of all federal, state, and local taxes each year on your behalf, you’ll get back hours of time and feel confident that your organization is on the up-and-up with all tax requirements. Phew!

Employee Self Service

Employees today want an active role in tracking their compensation, and TRAXPayroll is designed to make it easy to do just that. Because of the seamless integration between TRAXPayroll and BambooHR, your people can access their pay stubs on the go and manage pay information like direct deposit and federal withholdings anytime, right from their phone or desktop. That’s a great employee experience, and it comes built-in with TRAXPayroll.

Comprehensive Reporting

Trying to make strategic payroll decisions without the right data is like crossing the street blindfolded. But tracking down every bit of information and compiling it into a comprehensive report by hand is just as crazy. That’s why TRAXPayroll gives you instant access to over 100 standard payroll reports. Whether you’re looking to evaluate cash requirements, assess total deductions, or analyze a complete payroll summary per employee, TRAXPayroll generates reports quickly and provides both PDF and Excel versions so you can keep everyone on the same page.

Top-Notch Customer Support

When you have a question or a problem with your payroll system, you can’t afford to wait a week for a response. With TRAXPayroll, you’ll have direct access to a team of real human beings with the right knowledge and experience to help you quickly, giving you the same level of care that you know and love as a BambooHR customer.


How it works.

BambooHR integrates seamlessly through our API with TRAXPayroll. This allows you to keep your employee data as the master record within BambooHR and process payroll through TRAXPayroll.

There are two parts to the integration:

1) Core Integration – includes employee record, direct deposit, and federal withholding information sync from BambooHR to TRAXPayroll and the pay stub data sync from TRAXPayroll into BambooHR.

2) Approved Hours (worked and time-off) Integration – includes approved hours worked from BambooHR’s Time Tracking module, hours worked from the Import Hours tool, and hours worked from integrated 3rd party Time Tracking systems, as well as approved time-off hours from BambooHR into TRAXPayroll.

To enable these integrations, please email

What data syncs?

Core Integration Field Mapping

Note: All fields marked with * are required for the integration to work.

BambooHR Field Sync Direction TRAXPayroll Field Field Logic or Notes
*Employee # Employee #
*First Name First Name
*Last Name Last Name
*Birth Date Birth Date
*Marital Status Marital Status
*Gender Gender
*Address Line 1 Street 1
Address Line 2 Street 2
*City City
*State State
*Zipcode Zip
Work Email Email
Home Phone Phone
*Hire Date Hire Date
*Employment Status Class
*Location Branch Create default of “None” if not utilized.
*Division Division Create default of “None” if not utilized.
*Department Department Create default of “None” if not utilized.
*Pay Rate (Must be hourly or annual only) Pay Rate
*Pay Type Wage Type Salary or Hourly only.
*Exemption Status (appears in the Compensation table once the integration is activated) Exemption Status
*Pay Group Pay Group
Approved Time Off Requests Approved Time Off
Current Paystub Current Paystub This information is sourced 100% from TRAXPayroll and is view-only in the "Pay Info" tab in BambooHR once enabled for employees.
Paystub History Paystub History This information is sourced 100% from TRAXPayroll and is view-only in the "Pay Info" tab in BambooHR once enabled for employees.
Direct Deposit Account Number Direct Deposit Account Number If a Direct Deposit account is not entered, the employee will be set to automatically receive a paper check.
Direct Deposit Routing Number Direct Deposit Routing Number
Direct Deposit Account Type Direct Deposit Account Type Checking or Saving
Direct Deposit Amount Type Direct Deposit Amount Type Dollar, Percent or Balance
Direct Deposit Amount Direct Deposit Amount This is a dollar or percent amount of each check.
Direct Deposit Order Direct Deposit Order If you have multiple accounts where you're depositing money this is where you'll designate the order of which those deposits should happen.
Federal Withholding Filing Status Federal Withholding Filing Status Married or Single. If the Federal Tax Withholding Status and Exemptions are not entered, the employee will be set to Single, Zero.
Federal Exemptions Federal Exemptions If the Federal Tax Withholding Status and Exemptions are not entered, the employee will be set to Single, Zero.
Federal Additional Withholding Type Federal Additional Withholding Type Dollar or Percent
Federal Additional Withholding Amount Federal Additional Withholding Amount Dollar or percent amount of each check.
State Tax Withholding State Tax Withholding This information is sourced 100% from TRAXPayroll and is view-only in the "Pay Info" tab in BambooHR once enabled.

Approved Hours (worked & time-off) Integration Field Mapping

BambooHR Data Sync Direction TRAXPayroll Data Field Logic or Notes
Employee ID Employee ID This is auto generated by BambooHR and is the key field for mapping employees.
Hours Type Hours Type Default Hours Type from BambooHR Time Tracking Module syncs to Hours Type field in TRAX Payroll.
Time Off type Hours Type Time Off Types that are set to track time in "Hours" (not "Days") sync to TRAX Payroll for "Approved" Time Off hours during a pay period.
Pay Code Hours Type Pay Code values from the Import Hours tool or from integrated 3rd party Time Tracking systems sync to TRAX Payroll.
Date Date
Rate Rate If "null" the default Pay Rate in BambooHR will be used. Otherwise this rate will apply to the corresponding hours supplied from the Import Hours tool, or an integrated 3rd party time tracking system.
Hours Hours
Updated: 05/01/2011
Phone Support:
TRAXPayroll: (866) 872-9123
BambooHR: (866) 387-9595
Email Support:
Support Hours:
7:00AM - 5:00PM PT
Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:00PM MT
Monday - Friday

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