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Traliant is revolutionizing the way compliance training is experienced, by transforming it from boring to Brilliant!

We’re confident that your employees will actually enjoy our industry-leading HR and compliance courses. Our course library of interactive, online training covers a variety of topics from Sexual Harassment Prevention to Code of Conduct that teaches employees and managers how to handle difficult, real-world situations in the workplace. We’re convinced that simply teaching the law doesn’t work and instead built our training to educate and motivate by influencing behaviors and promoting a positive, respectful workplace. Our courses are segmented into bite-sized episodes that feature quality, relatable content and we’ve added a system of engagement points to keep our learners interacting with the training from start to completion. While other companies survey customers, Traliant has received thousands of five-star ratings from end-users themselves.

How We Take Training from Boring to Brilliant:

Interactive Training You Don’t Just Watch, You Experience

Our Hollywood video production team creates high-quality interactive videos with real-world scenarios, where viewers pick what happens next. Your employees are engaged throughout the course; not just “clicking next.”

Training for the Modern Workforce

Mobile optimized, bite-sized episodes are a perfect fit for interruption-prone schedules – adapted to the way people learn today.
Fully Customizable to Resonate with your Employees: We can quickly and efficiently customize the content and images to be unique to your organization.

A New Season Every Year

We focus our resources on revamping our Sexual Harassment Prevention courses every year with new videos, actors, images, and content.

More Features:

-Interactive Videos with Alternate Endings

-Complies with all State and Federal Regulations

-Quickly and Easily Customized


How it works.

A company admin can enter their BambooHR domain, click save, and it validates them through the BambooHR system and then brings the API key into the Traliant system. If the admin then enables the integration, Traliant will then sync users from the BambooHR system daily.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Traliant Recognition Field
firstName firstname
lastName lastname
bestEmail username Mandatory field. We need username if no email address available
workEmail email
department department Courses can be assigned based on department
location Location State is all we need
employeeNumber idnumber
status status Active or deactivated
Updated: 11/04/2019
Phone Support:
Email Support:
Support Hours:
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST Monday – Friday

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