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Small Improvements is a flexible performance management toolkit that helps employees in 750+ companies grow and succeed. It’s highly configurable – you can change and combine the building blocks to suit your organization’s needs, and adjust the look and feel too. Small and medium-sized companies like Zapier, Duolingo, Soundcloud, GetYourGuide, and Strava use our tool to support their feedback cultures.

Ongoing Feedback

Praise a coworker for a job well done. Request Feedback any time, from anyone you want. Prepare for 1:1 meetings, and collect thoughts and action items afterwards. Small Improvements fuels your company’s ongoing feedback culture and integrates in real-time with collaboration tools such as Slack and Google G Suite.


Keep employees accountable and help them grow by setting objectives and tracking key results. Objectives can be shared with managers, the team, or the entire company, so it’s easy to understand everyone’s priorities, communicate progress, and receive valuable feedback from others.

Performance Reviews and 360° Feedback

Provide employees with structured opportunities for reflection and assessment through performance reviews and peer feedback. Customize the questions, define who participates, establish a cadence that suits your organization’s schedule, and even run reviews for different departments at the same time.

1:1 meetings

Help your employees connect with one another on a regular basis so they can stay informed and engaged. Employees can create their own shared (or private) talking points to structure the conversations, or you can create meeting templates for employees to use for different kinds of 1:1s. Participants can also use the meeting notes to keep track of discussions and follow up on commitments.

How it works.

Small Improvements integrates with BambooHR’s API to provide a seamless connection. Changes to employee information managed in BambooHR can be automatically detected and updated within Small Improvements. Objectives and Performance Reviews (when set up and enabled in Small Improvements) will be visible within BambooHR.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Small-Improvements Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Work Email Work Email
Status Status
Gender Gender
Reports To Reports To
Hire Date Hire Date
Job Title Job Title
Location Location
Preferred Name Preferred Name
Employee # Employee Number
Employee Photo Employee Profile Picture Admins can choose to re-use the BambooHR employee profile photo. Small Improvements does not store the BambooHR pictures, they are only displayed. The "disable pictures" option in Small Improvements will allow SI default pictures to appear. BambooHR photos will not display if the "disable pictures" option is selected.

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Updated: 01/01/2014
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