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In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect BambooHR and Slack, with as many as 95 possible integrations. Here are three of the most popular BambooHR to Slack Integrations used:

Post New BambooHR Time Off Requests as Slack Channel Messages

After someone submits a new time off request, you’ll want to know about it so that you can review and approve it. Now with the help of Zapier, this work is automated for you when you turn on this automation. When new time off requests are added to BambooHR, Zapier will send new channel messages in Slack.

Post New Employees Added in BambooHR to a Slack Channel

Your company is growing! What better way to welcome new hires than posting in Slack? With this easy-to-use integration, you can post details about your new employees added in BambooHR as Slack channel messages. This work will be automated for you as soon as you turn on this integration.

Get a Summary in Slack of Who Has Time Off in BambooHR

Keep a pulse on when people have time off with this integration. You will automatically get a summary of who has time off in BambooHR with a Slack message.



Available BambooHR Triggers
New Time Off Request
New Employee
New Time Off
Changed Report
Available Slack Triggers
New Channel
New Public Message Posted Anywhere
New Message Posted to Channel
New Starred Message
New Message Posted Private Chat
New Reaction Added
New Team Custom Emoji
New File
New User
New Mention
New Pushed Message
Available BambooHR Actions
Find Employee
Update Employee
Respond to Time Off Request
Get Summary of Who's Out
Upload Employee File
Create Employee
Find or Create Employee
Available Slack Actions
Find User by Name
Find User by Username
Find User by Email
Find Message
Add Reminder
Send Channel Message
Send Direct Message
Find User by ID
Create Channel
Send Private Channel Message
Invite User to Channel
Update Profile
Set Status
Invite New User
Set Channel Topic
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