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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
Every 15 minutes

Primalogik is an affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution. It brings together performance appraisals, goal tracking, 360-degree feedback and engagement surveys into one simple and integrated platform. Capture feedback from colleagues, managers and subordinates to get a broader view of every employee’s skills, competencies and behaviours.


How it works.

Primalogik can integrate with BambooHR to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) as well as synchronization of user accounts from BambooHR to Primalogik. Once the integration is enabled, BambooHR acts as the “employee hub” and system of record for employee data. Employee records are created and edited in BambooHR and the data automatically flows to Primalogik 360 so you don’t have to maintain two different sets of records.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Primalogik Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Work Emaikl Email Address This is the identifying field for the integration.
Job Title Job Title
Location Location
Work Phone + Ext Work Phone Both Fields are combined into the Work Phone field.
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Home Phon Home Phone
LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile URL
Street 1 & Street 2 Home Address Both fields are combined into the Home Address Field
City City
State State/Provide
Country Country
Zip ZIP /postal code
Birth Date Date of Birth
Employee # Employee ID
Hire Date Hire Date
Termination Date Exit Date
Department Department
Status Account Status
Employee Photo Profile Picture URL Primalogik 360 does not store the profile pictures coming from BambooHR. The profile pictures from BambooHR are linked so they can be displayed on Primalogik 360.
Updated: 06/22/2017
Phone Support:
+1 844-360-1918
+1 514-360-1918
Email Support:
Support Hours:
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Monday - Friday