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Two-way via API
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Both ways (see details below)
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We offer a Biometric time tracking, employee shift, and scheduling solution and GPS-powered mobile app and web dashboard, with a Geofenced attendance system for managing your workforce and a one-click export of employees’ attendance to payroll partners.

Ensure your Employees are in work zone

Using our Geofencing and geo-tracking module in both Android & iOS mobile app manager/supervisor can have total control on a remote workforce

Easy Approval, Overtime, Paid Time Off and Accruals

Managers/supervisors can approve employees’ timesheets. User-friendly email or mobile push notification work real-time approval.

At any time managers/supervisors can check employees’ total working hours with overtime alert, punch exception alert, paid time off, and accruals.

Comprehensive Data Collection Option

A 360-degree solution to capture employee attendance. They can clock in/out via fingerprint, face-reader, web-clock, and geo-enabled mobile application.

We also support payroll data export to Excel, PDF, and several popular payroll providers such as Intuit QuickBooks, etc.

Automate Time-tracking & Schedules

Using specific shifts the system will automatically create salaried employee attendance based on shift.
The highly featured enabled scheduling tool is useful to create employee schedules, publish schedules, or sync schedules with Google or iCal calendar.



How it works.

We provide a Seamless Integration with BamboooHR, It syncs employee information and other relevant data from BambooHR.

The employee data would automatically sync to Biometric devices once it is configured to software.

The attendance data can be easily exported to BambooHR with automated sync up process

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Somroli Field
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Address Line 1 Address Line 1
Address Line 2 Address Line 2
City City
Zip Code Zip Code
Country Country
State/Province State/Province
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Best Email Best Email
Supervisor Employee Number
Hire Date Hire Date
Employee # Employee Number
Status Status
Employment Status Employment Type
Department Department
Location Location
Pay Rate Rate
Time Tracking ID Prema Tech Internal System ID
Employee ID BambooHR Employee ID
Department ID Department
Pay Code Pay Code
Date Hours Worked Date Hours Worked
Rate Type Salary/Hourly
Hours Worked Hours
Prema Tech
Updated: 06/16/2021
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9am to 6pm (both EST & IST)