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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
4x daily

Managing employee data and benefits can be frustrating and time-consuming. HR teams don’t have time to juggle multiple systems to keep employee information up to date. That’s why PlanSource and BambooHR have partnered together to introduce a seamless employee management and benefits administration system to cover all your HR needs. At PlanSource, our mission is to provide better technology for a better benefits and HR experience. Our benefits administration software provides cloud-based benefits shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance, and administration.

Friendly Mobile Experience

Not everyone has access to a laptop or desktop computer. And not everyone can enroll in benefits while at work. The PlanSource system uses responsive design, which means that employees can enroll in benefits on any device, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone. Our new employee experience applies concepts that consumers are already familiar with such as a shopping cart and checkout process.

Plan Recommendations and Decision Support

Throughout the shopping experience, employees are given guidance and recommendations for all types of benefits. While many companies focus mostly on recommendations for medical, PlanSource provides recommendations for voluntary benefits that take into account the employee’s complete benefits package. For example, when employees enroll in a high-deductible health plan, we can recommend that they consider a voluntary product such as Accident coverage.

Customizable Reports

Create, customize, preview, save and schedule reports and graphs. PlanSource offers a full suite of configurable reports – from employee and dependent census reports to enrollment roster and change reports – that help HR professionals oversee their benefit programs.

The PlanSource Advantage Program

PlanSource has partnerships with leading national insurance carriers who provide financial credits when you offer their products to your employees and those employees participate. This is a good thing for you because it’s becoming increasingly costly and complex to manage employee benefit programs and by paying you when employees enroll, we’re putting money back in your pocket.


How it works.

You will continue to manage all employee data and information in BambooHR. You can rest assured knowing that when you update information in BambooHR such as employment status, salary, marital status and more all the information will be automatically reflected in PlanSource.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction PlanSource Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Address 1 Address 1
Address 2 Address 2
City City
State State/Province
Zipcode Zip/Postal Code
Country Country
Home Phone Home Phone
Work Phone Office
Mobile Phone Cell
Gender Gender
Hire Date Hire Date
Date of Birth Birthdate
Termination Date Termination Date This field is not configurable. The system automatically uses the termination date sent by BambooHR.
Department Union By default, PlanSource stores the Employee's department in the Union field. The values in BambooHR must match the values in PlanSource in order for the integration to properly sync.
Employment Status Employment Level By default, PlanSource stores the Employee's employment history at BambooHR in the Employment Level field. The values in BambooHR must match the values in PlanSource in order for the integration to properly sync.
Pay Type Pay Type This is the field used by the PlanSource system to set salary/pay rate. PlanSource ONLY accepts "Hourly" or "Salary" from BambooHR. This is set at BambooHR when an Employee's compensation is set.
Pay Rate Effective Date Current Salary Effective On
Pay Rate Current Salary PlanSource will store the BambooHR Pay Rate field in the PlanSource Pay Rate field. A calculation will then be made based on the BambooHR Pay Type and Pay Rate, to determine yearly salary or pay rate in PlanSource.
Marital Status Marital Status
Division Division The values in BambooHR must match the values in PlanSource in order for the integration to properly sync.
Location Location The values in BambooHR must match the values in PlanSource in order for the integration to properly sync.
Employee Number Employee Number
Job Title Business Title
ID API-SSO Lookup Code This field is not configurable. This is the unique identifier given to every employee created in BambooHR. This id is the primary key used to sync an employee between BambooHR and PlanSource.
Work Email E-mail
Home Email Alternate E-mail
Standard Hours Per Week Hours Per Week Employee's hours per week. Used to calculate pay rate.
Updated: 03/09/2017
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Support Hours:
6:00AM - 6:00PM MT
Monday - Friday