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Real Insights. In Real Time.

Peakon is designed to support organizations to gather employee feedback in a meaningful way that delivers actionable results on their engagement trends through a simple and easy to use online platform. The Peakon Engage platform provides the flexibility to send engagement surveys and targeted questions (broken down by role, location,etc) across companies with a key differentiator being the simple, real-time dashboards at executive and manager levels. Rather than static reports, the survey responses are displayed on dynamic dashboards with clear strengths and priorities, which are proven to drive high adoption across leadership, resulting in positive organizational change.

Bespoke Benchmarks

A revolutionary development in benchmarking. Choosing True Benchmark® lets you use the power of data to accurately account for demographic differences between your teams.

Diversity & Inclusion

The inclusivity of your company culture has a huge impact on the experience — and engagement — of your employees, especially those with less representation in the workplace.
Building an inclusive culture ensures that everyone in your business is able to bring and apply their full self to their work.

With Peakon you can identify just how inclusive your culture really is. Understand the experiences of different employee groups, provide a safe space for cases of misconduct to be raised anonymously, and introduce the initiatives that will make a real difference to your people.

Best-Self Review

Our answer to the counter-productive annual review is the Best-Self Review. Simple, lightweight and research-backed, the Best-Self Review is a 360° performance review that incorporates self, manager, peer, and upward feedback, and designed to occur either quarterly or semi-annually.

Employee Experience & Retention

Underlying inclusion issues can be found within your employee feedback.

Peakon allows you to examine how different employee populations are feeling, and compare specific aspects of their workplace experience. Learn how women in leadership feel about their freedom of opinions, or how LGBTQ+ employees in your US offices feel about the development opportunities available to them.


How it works.

As an administrator of your company’s Peakon account, you are able to connect Peakon to BambooHR. This will allow for automatic syncing of your employee data between BambooHR and Peakon, meaning your employee list stays up-to-date. Any employee updates made on BambooHR will be synced over to Peakon automatically.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction 15Five Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name
Surname Last Name
Email Email
Employee ID in Company Employee ID
Reports to Manager
Birth Date Age
Gender Gender
Job Title Title
Hire Date Tenure
Location Office
Department Employee ID
Employment Status Type (i.e full time, contractor, intern, ect.)
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