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One-way via API
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BambooHR to Partner App
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Visualize your company’s structure with just a few clicks. Your organizational chart will be created automatically after synchronizing your data from BambooHR with orginio. CSV files can also be used as data sources. We offer smart pre-set designs that you can easily customize at any time without affecting your previous work in the organogram. Use drag-and-drop to perform structural reorganizations, hence turning your org chart into an effective strategic tool for senior executives, HR managers, sales teams and group leaders. Personnel and company performance figures provide the basis for efficient HR controlling. The visualization is always up-to-date and can be shared with all colleagues via the online viewing mode. Be it at home, on the bus or in the airport – with orginio you always have your employee directory on your smart phone or tablet. The smart search functionality quickly delivers your search results. Finally, to export your org chart or specific branches use the web print function.

Visualization of analytics

No matter whether depth of structure, headcount, level, number of positions or span of control. orginio provides you with effective personnel or company performance figures. Identify new hires, top performers or flag potential flight risks. Turn your organizational chart into an effective strategic tool by visualizing critical KPIs metrics along your organizational structure.

Explore, share and print your structure

Do you want to find more information about a colleague, a position or a specific team? Just enter your search term and the search hits will be displayed immediately. By clicking on the required search hit you automatically navigate to the box in the structure.

Share your org chart

Employees can retrieve the updated org chart via the Internet using the interactive viewing mode. Show your current structure via a share link or share your live org chart via iframe embedded code in the intranet for use as an internal corporate directory.

Print information

Easily print your desired org chart view to PDF for presentations or email.

Create corporate org charts

We include a standard framework and smart designs for the visualization of beautiful org charts. Or simply create your own individual color scheme and insert your company logo.

Reorganizations and modeling

orginio enables web-based scenario analysis and modeling without the need to modify the data in BambooHR. Easily reorganize your structure via Drag & Drop. Create and remove departments, individual employees or vacancies or add more specific information. Org modeling simulations can be completed in a simple and user-friendly manner.


How it works.

After having registered for orginio application, your individual orginio account is created. Once you have connected the BambooHR profile to orginio, the application creates automated org charts from your BambooHR data. Besides displaying employee structures, orginio can also be used to simulate reorganizations or to display critical KPI metrics.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Orginio Field Field Logic or Notes
Address Address
Best Email Email BambooHR will default the employee's work email if it is set, otherwise the integration will use home email
City City
Country Country
Date of Birth Birthdate
Department Department
Display Name Display Name
Division Division
Employee Number Identifier
First Name First Name
Gender Gender
Home Email Home Email
ID Source ID Internal orginio id for update requests
Job Title Job Title
Last Name Last Name
Location Location
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Photo URL Picture attachment
Status Status
Supervisor Employee ID Parent
Work email Work email
Work Phone + Extension Work Phone
Zipcode Zipcode
Updated: 01/25/2018
Phone Support:
(800) 518-1942
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8AM - 5PM PT
Monday - Friday

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