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One-way via API
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BambooHR to Partner App
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We’re an employee engagement solution that helps your managers become better leaders by connecting them more closely to their teams, while connecting HR more closely to the whole organization.

Our approach puts a specific focus on team managers since they’re the ones that most directly affect an employee’s experience at work. Gallup recently did a study that showed that 75% of the reasons employees quit a company come down to their manager.

Officevibe helps you take steps to equip those managers to be better leaders by providing direct weekly insights and feedback into how their teams really feel, issues they’re facing, and actionable tip to help them proactively improve in their role.

Then for you as a HR Leader, the platform is also powerful enough to give you all the human-level data you need at an organizational level in real-time. You get to see which initiatives are going well, which aren’t, how each team is doing, and where your time and effort will actually have the greatest impact.

Team Reports

Survey data is sorted by our 10 Key Engagement Metrics measuring team health. Reports are simple, easy to read and filled with helpful information.Visual data lets you track trends and spot issues early.

Feedback & Conversations

Follow-up questions and the Suggestion Box prompt employee feedback to dig deeper on key issues. Start private conversations by responding directly to feedback received. Team members always have the option to communicate anonymously, or not.

Weekly Automated Surveys

Each week, employees respond anonymously to a 5-question Pulse Survey. Officevibe Surveys have an 85% response rate and only take about 2 minutes to complete. All survey questions are backed by science and approved by Deloitte.

Resources & Improvement

Hone your leadership skills with relevant activities, content, and ideas.Get recommended tactics to strengthen your team based on their lowest-ranking Metrics. Explore resources according to the metrics that matter to you.


How it works.

To facilitate User onboarding, we have created an integration with BambooHR to allow you to invite your employees to Officevibe through BambooHR. The Daily Sync feature will also remove from Officevibe any employees who are no longer in your BambooHR account. This integration will allow Officevibe to get their emails, names, profile pictures and attributes.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Officevibe Field Field Logic or Notes
Employee # User ID This is the identifying field for the integration. If no current user matches the Employee #, a new user is created.
Work Email Business Email
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Job Title Job Title
Status This field is not directly mapped to another but is instead used to filter out inactive employees
Birth Date Birthday
Department Department
Gender Gender
Hire Date Hire Date
Updated: 01/01/2019
Phone Support:
(855) 980-8423
Email Support:
Support Hours:
9:00 - 5:00 EST
Monday - Friday

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