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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Both ways (see details below)
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency

NextGen Time Tracking provides a complete Time tracking and attendance management Solution starting from flexible data collection options, like cloud-based Biometric devices compatible with RFID and HID cards, Face readers, Fingerprint readers, Web clocks, Kiosks, and Mobile applications that work seamlessly with the cloud applications like BambooHR.

The solution is entirely cloud-based with easy to configure dashboard settings and basic attendance rules for all operational requirements like Scheduling, Overtime calculation, Custom overtime, Lunch Deduction, Shift logic, etc.

We provide seamless integration with BambooHR with easy sync up of employee and attendance data, and We provide custom payroll integrations wherein users can easily export attendance records for payroll processing.

Flexible Punch Options

NextGen Biometric time tracking and attendance management solution delivers a reliable automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric validation through Fingerprints and Facereader Timeclocks. It also offers GPS enabled mobile clock for remote and mobile workforce tracking through an advanced Geofenced attendance system.

GPS Enabled Mobile Application

GPS Enabled Mobile application to track employee time and location with geofenced attendance system to prevent time theft and to get maximum out of your remote workforce time. It also helps in managing schedules, Track time offs and approving timesheets.


Smart and user-friendly scheduling tool to Create schedules in minutes with comprehensive filters based on departments, groups worksites, and job codes to ensure the optimal utilization of resources by deploying the right resources to the right work and by preventing overtime. Easy to communicate schedules with our built-in calendar in mobile application and web interface and email notifications that proactively manage employees’ time and productivity.

Easy to Configure attendance rules

Cloud-based Solution with easy to configure dashboard settings and basic attendance rules for all operational requirements like Scheduling, Overtime calculation, Custom overtime, Lunch Deduction, Shift logic, Job Code tracking, PTO, etc.



How it works.

Nextgen offers Turnkey Time Tracking Solution and seamless API integrations with BambooHR to sync/transfer data from BambooHR to time tracking software.

BambooHR integrates directly with NextGen to make the employee management and time tracking process simple and reliable. The Employee Information like Departments, PTO requests, Job titles, Pay codes, etc would automatically sync from BambooHR to NextGen through a cloud-based web interface, and the employee’s information would further automatically sync with Time clocks and mobile applications making it a perfect Plug N Play solution for time tracking.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction NextGen Workforce Field
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Address Line 1 Address Line 1
Address Line 2 Address Line 2
City City
Zip Code Zip Code
Country Country
State/Province State/Province
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Best Email Best Email
Supervisor Employee Number
Hire Date Hire Date
Employee # Employee Number
Status Status
Employment Status Employment Type
Department Department
Location Location
Pay Rate Rate
Time Tracking ID NextGen Workforce Internal System ID
Employee ID BambooHR Employee ID
Department ID Department
Pay Code Pay Code
Date Hours Worked Date Hours Worked
Rate Type Salary/Hourly
Hours Worked Hours
NextGen Workforce
Updated: 06/08/2022
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