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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
An event
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Sync Frequency
Every Minute

Maxwell’s mission is to make better health and financial security possible for all Americans by simplifying benefits and insurance. Maxwell Health is a marketplace that empowers you to offer the best benefits to employees, helping them achieve better health and financial security. The platform automates benefits administration, providing a user-friendly experience for employees to understand, shop for, and use their benefits.

Year-round Engagement

Enrolling in benefits is one day of the year, and that’s being generous: for most people, it’s a few minutes. For the rest of the year, Maxwell’s online experience and mobile app is the one destination employees can go to easily shop for their benefits and access them ongoing throughout the year.

Benefits Admin

With competing tasks on your plate, it’s hard to find time to highlight the importance of your benefits program to employee’s specific needs. Online enrollment and administrative dashboards make enrolling in and managing benefits a breeze—for both you and your employees.

Streamline Your Workflows

Spend less time on the manual tasks associated with managing your benefit updates and make sense of your data through Maxwell’s robust reporting functionality, which allows you to create custom reports. Get real-time insights into your employees’ census, payroll, and benefits information.

Complex Benefit and Education Support


From medical and ancillary to worksite—for value-added benefits, we have you covered! Maxwell supports complex and flexible voluntary benefits so you can provide your employees with a strong benefits offering and the tools to help them understand their benefits without added administrative effort.



How it works.

Maxwell Health and BambooHR have built out an integration that allows for all of your employees’ demographic information to be pulled down from BambooHR into Maxwell automatically. The integration also notifies you when specific changes have been made, such as a new employee being added and an employee being terminated. The notifications will guide you to complete the necessary workflow in Maxwell Health to reflect any changes made in BambooHR. Once your BambooHR integration has been set up and turned on by Maxwell, your employees’ demographic information will change in Maxwell every time it’s changed in BambooHR. Any employee changes made in BambooHR will be synced down immediately, with a notification being sent to the Administrator and/or Advisor. BambooHR is the system of record for all employee demographic information, while Maxwell Health is the system of record for all benefit/election information. Please note that Maxwell Health is the system of record for all dependents’ information.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Maxwell Health Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name Required field to create user
Last Name Last Name Required field to create user
SSN SSN Required field to create user. Can disable 'required' if international employees exist
Work Email Address or Home Email Address Email Address Requ ired field to create user.
Address Line 1 Address 1
City City
State State
Zip Code Zip
Date of Birth Birthdate
Gender Gender
Benefit Group Benefit Group Required field for benefits to trigger correctly. Must be the standard field
Pay Type Pay Type Required field for salary-based benefits to trigger correctly. Must be the standard field in order to sync over. All hourly employees need this field filled in. If you have an “Hourly” Pay Type set for an employee in BambooHR, you’ll need to make sure the “Standard Hours Per Week” field in the employee’s “Job” tab is filled out.
Job Title Job Title
Work Phone Work Phone
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Pay Rate Pay Rate Must be hourly, weekly or salary. Required for all financial products
Status Status
Hire Date Date of Hire Hire Date becomes Rehire Date if the employee in Maxwell was terminated at least 45 days ago
Hire Date Rehire Date Hire Date becomes Rehire Date if the employee in Maxwell was terminated at least 45 days ago
Termination Date Termination Date All 'inactive' employees need a termination date
Termination Reaon Termination Reason All 'inactive' employees need a termination reason
Maxwell Health
Updated: 07/01/2021
Phone Support:
(866) 629-7445
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET Monday - Friday