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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
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Build org charts from a one-time data import

Lucidchart is the essential visual productivity platform that helps anyone understand and share ideas, information, and processes with clarity. With this intuitive, cloud-based platform, you can import employee information from BambooHR and automatically create org charts that can help you visualize your company’s structure and plan for future changes. Not only does Lucidchart make it simple to experiment with your org structure, but it also makes it easy to export or share your org charts with stakeholders.

Beyond org chart creation, you can also use Lucidchart to create and share process flowcharts, mind maps, mockups, ERDs, UML diagrams, and more. Join over 13 million users who work visually and collaborate in real time using Lucidchart.

Share your org chart externally

Need to present your org chart to individuals outside of your organization, such as board members or potential investors? Lucidchart makes it easy to gain stakeholder buy-in as you share org charts with the appropriate permissions, including view-only access, or embed them into PowerPoint, Word, or Google Drive.

See all employee info at a glance

With this integration, you can overlay any data from BambooHR onto your org chart, such as the employee’s department, hire date, and pay rate, so you can make better, data-driven decisions. (Note: Users can only access BambooHR data that they have permission to view in BambooHR.)

Experiment with your Org Structure

In Lucidchart, you can visualize new reporting structures without having to implement those changes in BambooHR. Once you have created your org chart, use drag-and-drop functionality to reorganize teams, show the reporting structure for temporary teams, or plan for new talent as your company scales. Smart shapes will automatically connect direct reports to managers to maintain a clean layout.

Visualize all ideas, information, and processes

Lucidchart isn’t just for org charts—you can use this intuitive, versatile interface across your organization to document anything from simple workflows to complex software design. Create additional diagrams to bridge the gap between people and processes.


How it works.

After you sign up for a Lucidchart account, you can import data through the org chart shape library. Select BambooHR as the data source and select the employee information you would like to import, and Lucidchart will generate an org chart based on your preferences. From there, you can make changes to your org chart by using the editing panel or moving shapes on the canvas. Lucidchart will automatically connect direct reports to their managers and adjust the layout.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Lucidchart Field
Employee Number Employee Number
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Preferred Name Preferred Name
Address Line 1 Address Line 1
Address Line 2 Address Line 2
City City
State State
Country Country
Zip Code Zip Code
State Code State Code
Canadian Social Insurance Number Canadian Social Insurance Number
Division Division
Department Department
Status Status
Employment History Status Employment History Status
Location Location
Job Title Job Title
Supervisor Supervisor
Supervisor ID Supervisor ID
Hire Date Hire Date
Original Hire Date Original Hire Date
Last Changed Last Changed
Termination Date Termination Date
Best Email Best Email
Home Email Home Email
Work Email Work Email
Work Phone + Extension Work Phone + Extesion
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Home Phone Home Phone
Work Phone + Extension Work Phone + Extension
Work Phone Extension Work Phone Extension
Age Age
Gender Gender
Marital Status Marital Status
BambooHR Employee ID BambooHR Employee ID
Birthday Birthday
Date of Birth Date of Birth
Ethnicity Ethnicity
Pay Type Pay Type
Pay Rate Pay Rate
Pay Group Id Pay Group Id
Pay Period Pay Period
Pay Schedule Pay Schedule
Pay Frequency Pay Frequency
Pay Change Reason Pay Change Reason
Pay Rate Effective Date Pay Rate Effective Date
ACA Status ACA Status
FLSA Employee Exemption Exempt

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Updated: 09/12/2018
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