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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
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Kazoo delivers a more engaged workforce with everything you need to improve the employee experience in a single, powerful platform. Kazoo Recognition features peer-to-peer social Recognition, Rewards, Behavior Bonuses, and Awards to strengthen company culture, create alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.

Join the hundreds of people-first companies who turn to Kazoo to help create a workplace where all employees can thrive.

Activity Feed

Similar to popular social platforms, the real-time Activity Feed reveals recognition, bonuses, and successful project outcomes — connecting everyone to the positive pulse of your company.


Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful way to create a culture of continuous recognition across all levels of your company.

Behavior Bonus

Create custom bonuses to encourage employees to participate in activities that are good for them and the business.

Nominations & Awards

Create and schedule custom awards that reflect your core values, business goals, and company culture — in just a few minutes.

Rewards Catalog

Use our robust global rewards catalog containing over 30,000 products to configure and customize the rewards that are right for your business — we have something for everyone, everywhere.

Insights & Reporting

Powerful dashboards and reports provide your managers with insights into who is participating — by department, location, etc. — to better understand how your recognition is driving collaboration and company culture. Have a clear understanding of what motivates employee collaboration and performance, as well as your costs and budget over time.


How it works.

When you integrate BambooHR with Kazoo, you are able to keep all your employee data nice, neat, and in sync:

  • Sync your employee data from BambooHR to Kazoo
  • Mirror and update the organizational structure from BambooHR
  • Add or remove team members automatically as those changes are completed in BambooHR
  • Kazoo will use birthday and anniversary data from BambooHR, which can be made public or private


What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Kazoo Recognition Field
Employee # Employee ID
First Name Preferred Name or First Name
Last Name Last Name
Job Title Job Title
Reports To Manager
Hire Date Start Date
Departments Departments
Work Email Login Email & Notification Email
Photo Picture
Locations Locations
Birth Date Birthday
Status Status
Divisions Group
Country Country
Updated: 04/15/2020
Phone Support:
+1 877-445-2966
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST
Monday - Friday