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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
An event
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Sync Frequency
Anytime a trigger event occurs

Unified Device Management 

Bring together the Windows, Mac, and Linux devices at your organization within one cloud console for centralized operating system management.

Automated Onboarding and Offboarding

Integrate BambooHR and Jumpcloud to instantly grant new users access to the resources their role/department requires. When a user leaves your organization, simply suspend their account and their resource access goes with it – Keeping confidential data and processes secure

Cloud Directory to Connect All IT Resources

A unified point of user management and authentication — with no need for on-prem servers or infrastructure. Securely connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files. JumpCloud can serve as your authoritative directory or defer to existing identity providers depending on your needs.

Zero Trust for Remote Work

From a single, web-based console, lock down user identities, resource access, and devices — no matter where they’re located. You don’t need to implement on-premises infrastructure or additional tooling to scope users’ access and ensure they work on trusted devices and networks.

Push MFA

JumpCloud gives organizations the power to layer MFA on top of nearly any resource they need to secure: Windows, Mac, Linux, applications, networks, infrastructure, and more. Paired with Conditional Access policies, admins can help further secure resources by requiring MFA if users are not on trusted devices or trusted networks.


How it works.

BambooHR’s SCIM integration with JumpCloud allows IT admins to create and provision users based on when they are added and removed from BambooHR, to accelerate onboarding and offboarding.

The documentation below details our SCIM provisioning integration.  In addition, customers may configure Single Sign-On with JumpCloud using the SAML 2.0 protocol.

Important things to note:

  • Work Email is the Key Field: The Work Email field in BambooHR is the key field in this provisioning integration. An employee record will not sync to JumpCloud until a unique value exists in this field, even if the rest of the employee record is complete. This field is also what populates the Username field in JumpCloud, unless a Username is already set for the user in JumpCloud.
  • Active & Inactive Employees Sync:  Please note that the integration will push ALL employee records in BambooHR (Active and Inactive) to JumpCloud.
  • Existing JumpCloud Users: Existing users in JumpCloud will be overwritten with the syncing data from BambooHR as long as the Work Email value in BambooHR matches the Company Email value in JumpCloud. Usernames of JumpCloud users will not be overwritten by the integration when there is an email match.
  • Hire Date is Not Included: The Hire Date field in BambooHR is not included as part of the sync. If you have an employee record with a future hire date but you enter a Work Email for that employee, the record will sync over to JumpCloud and may provision access to other systems for that user pre-maturely. Please note that the Work Email field should be used as the key field to trigger the sync of an employee record.
  • Location Address: Please note that changes to the Location Address fields, because they are not part of the employee record, will not trigger a sync to update specific employee records in JumpCloud. However, any automated or manual syncs after a Location Address is changed will include the new Location Address information.

What data syncs?

Standard Fields

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Update Triggers Sync? Jumpcloud Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name Yes First Name
Last Name Yes Last Name
Status Yes Status An Inactive status in BambooHR will suspend access for that user in JumpCloud.
Work Email Yes Company Email Employee records will NOT sync to JumpCloud until a Work Email exists in BambooHR. This field will be used to identify matching users in JumpCloud with employees in BambooHR.
Work Email (everything before the @ symbol) Yes Username Defaults to first part of email address (everything before the @ symbol). If a user already exists in JumpCloud with a matching email, the Username for that user will not be overwritten by BambooHR. Email username, the part of the email address before the @ symbol, must meet these requirements, because it is used as the username when creating the user record in JumpCloud. Otherwise, the user creation will fail. Start with an alphabetic character. Not contain spaces or "@". Be 30 characters or fewer for Mac or Linux, or 20 characters or fewer for Windows. Contain only valid Unix Characters - letters, numbers, “-”, “.”, and “_”
Preferred Name OR First Name & Last Name No = Preferred Name, Yes = First Name, Yes = Last Name Display Name Populated by Preferred Name and Last Name fields in BambooHR. If no Preferred Name value exists then First Name will be used.

Optional Fields

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Update Triggers Sync? JumpCloud Field Field Logic or Notes
Middle Name Yes Middle Name
Employee # Yes Employee ID
Job Title Yes Job Title
Division Yes Company
Department Yes Department
Location Yes Location
Location Country No Work Country Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location Address Street 1 & Location Address Street 2 No Work Street Address Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location City No Work City Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location State No Work State Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location ZIP/Postal Code No Work Postal Code Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Work Phone & Ext Yes = Work Phone, No = Ext Work Phone
Home Phone Yes Home Phone
Mobile Phone Yes Personal Cell
Address Street 1 & Address Street 2 Yes Home Street Address
Address City Yes Home City
Address State/Province Yes Home State
Address ZIP/Postal Code Yes Home Postal Code
Address Country Yes Home Country
Updated: 12/10/2021
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