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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Both ways (see details below)
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
Once per day at 10:00 PM MT

The Jobvite – BambooHR integration will send newly hired employees from Jobvite to BambooHR as new hires to initiate the onboarding process. The integration will also sync employee updates in BambooHR with Jobvite.

Integration with BambooHR Data

Jobvite is seamlessly integrated with BambooHR to immediately help you start the new hire process as well as to sync new employees between BambooHR and Jobvite Hire.

Increase Accuracy

Automated data transfer between Jobvite Hire and BambooHR pre-populates new hire records in BambooHR, relieving you of tedious, manual data keying, and allowing you to enjoy increased control over data accuracy. New employee data and changes within BambooHR are updated in Jobvite with accuracy.

Save Time

Eliminate manual entry of new hire data from Jobvite Hire into BambooHR and employee data from BambooHR into Jobvite. With this additional time savings, it allows you to re-focus your efforts to source the best candidates.

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How it works.

The Jobvite – BambooHR integration seamlessly integrates new hire information in the Jobvite hiring workflow with BambooHR using the Jobvite restful API. With the integration, Jobvite customers can automate the transfer of new hire information to BambooHR, alleviating manual data entry errors. BambooHR will also push a list of active employee data once per day in order to sync the two systems. Available information is pre-populated into BambooHR, thereby saving time and improving data entry efficiency.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Jobvite Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name With new hires pulled into BambooHR, and with employee record updates pushed into Jobvite
Last Name Last Name With new hires pulled into BambooHR, and with employee record updates pushed into Jobvite
Hire Date Hire Date With new hires pulled into BambooHR
Job Title Job Title With new hires pulled into BambooHR, and with employee record updates pushed into Jobvite. Note: Data values in Jobvite will result in the creation of corresponding list values within BambooHR
Home Email Email Address
Work Email Name
Department Department
Location Location
Address Line 1 Address
City City
State State
Zip Code Zip
Country Country
Home Phone Home Phone
Reports to Manager Jobvite allows for multiple managers; however, BambooHR only accommodates one manager per employee. If multiple managers are listed, BambooHR will pull the first one.
Ethnicity Ethnicity Jobvite allows for multiple ethnicities; however, BambooHR has a fixed drop-down list for this field. If multiple ethnicities are listed, BambooHR will pull the first one. If the values listed in Jobvite do not match an option from the fixed value list in BambooHR, the field will be set to a blank value in BambooHR.
Updated: 11/01/2018
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