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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Both ways (see details below)
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
Daily or Manually triggered within 15Five
Discount Packaging

BambooHR Customer Exclusive Offer:

To celebrate our partnership with BambooHR, Humley is offering customers 1-month free
access to our Digital HR Assistant!


To enable you to easily access the transformational benefits of Humley’s Digital HR Assistant, we are offering customers a 1 month free trial.

Humley’s Digital HR Assistant is a ready to use multi-channel conversational interface which enables employees and line managers to ask queries, request documentation, input data, and even make requests within one platform, 24/7. giving employees instant access to all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

The integration with BambooHR means that the Assistant can retrieve and update information within the system in a matter of seconds, leading to improved employee experiences and freeing up HR Teams to focus on more strategic and higher-value tasks.

Humley’s HR Assistant is available on-demand 24/7 and comes pre-configured with all of the common HR experiences from annual leave requests, to payroll and onboarding – enabling HR Teams to automate 80% of typical HR requests resulting in an average 30% time-saving, whilst still providing a personalised and natural experience for employees.

This in combination with, Humley’s application of best of breed Intelligent Automation technologies, including Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning and automated no-code set up means customers can deploy a use case in less than 60 minutes.

The platform can be integrated with a wide variety of communication channels including Voice, Mobile (WhatsApp, SMS and bespoke applications), Instant and desktop messengers (Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams and many more).

BambooHR Template

Out of the box integrations for BambooHR adhering to the documented API. Requests can be incorporated into projects straight away, or edited when required.

360 Feedback

OKRs / Goals

BambooHR Specific User Journeys

12 Pre-built user journeys utilising Humley technology to present, capture and update employee information directly into BambooHR. These include updating employee information, retrieving the amount of available holiday or retrieving who is out of the office.

Humley Octavo

Humley orchestrates the best market AI providers in addition to presenting their own, Octavo. The rapid training of conversational material enables quick use and adoption of the system. Octavo also generates additional training material automatically, handling all an end user can ask.


How it works.

Humley’s Digital HR Assistant streamlines the processing of employee communications, queries and requests through an easy to use conversational interface.

In addition to the Assistant’s ability to provide responses based on ingested handbooks and knowledge bases, it is able to retrieve and update information contained within an organisation’s BambooHR system using secure in conversation logins.

There are currently 12 Pre-built user journeys utilising Humley technology to present, capture and update employee information directly into BambooHR. These include updating employee information, retrieving the amount of available holidays or who is out of the office.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Humley Field Field Logic or Notes
Employee # Employee ID This is the identifying field for the integration. The two systems Employee #/ID must match.
address1 address1 The employee's first address line.
address2 address2 The employee's second address line.
bestEmail bestEmail The employee's work email if set, otherwise their home email.
city city The employee's city.
country country The employee's country.
dateOfBirth dateOfBirth The date the employee was born.
department department The employee's CURRENT department.
division division The employee's CURRENT division.
ethnicity ethnicity The employee's ethnicity.
firstName firstName The employee's first name.
fullName5 fullName5 The employee's full name without their preferred name, first name first. (e.g., John Quentin Doe). Read only.
gender gender The employee's gender (Male or Female).
hireDate hireDate The date the employee was hired.
homePhone homePhone The employee's home phone number.
id id The employee ID automatically assigned by BambooHR. Read only.
jobTitle jobTitle The CURRENT value of the employee's job title, updating this field will create a new row in position history.
lastName lastName The employee's last name.
location location The employee's CURRENT location.
maritalStatus maritalStatus The employee's marital status (Single, Married, or Domestic Partnership).
nationality nationality The employee's nationality
payRate payRate The employee's CURRENT pay rate (e.g., $8.25).
payRateEffectiveDate payRateEffectiveDate The day the most recent change was made.
payType payType The employee's CURRENT pay type. ie: "hourly","salary","commission","exception hourly","monthly","weekly","piece rate","contract","daily","pro rata".
paySchedule paySchedule The employee's CURRENT pay schedule.
payFrequency payFrequency The employee's CURRENT pay frequency. ie: "Weekly", "Every other week", "Twice a month", "Monthly", "Quarterly", "Twice a year", or "Yearly"
ssn ssn The employee's Social Security number.
supervisor supervisor The employee’s CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorId supervisorId The 'employeeNumber' of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorEId supervisorEId The ID of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
supervisorEmail from supervisorEmail The email of the employee's CURRENT supervisor. Read only.
workEmail workEmail The employee's work email address.
Vacation Hours Available Holiday Allowance The available holiday for an employee
zipcode zipcode The employee's ZIP code.
Updated: 06/21/2021
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