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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Both ways (see details below)
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
5 minutes
Discount Packaging

BambooHR customers can now enjoy 2 months free! This offer is available to anyone who signs up in Q2 of 2022!

Hireflix enables one-way video interviewing in BambooHR so that you can save hundreds of hours, standardize your pre-screening and make better hiring decisions, all with the most user-friendly and simple user interface both for your company and your candidates. Hireflix plans are also the most affordable in the market and they will support you during a free trial so that you can fully test their system.

One-way video interview builder

Ask questions with text or video. Hireflix also allows you to add a video introduction and farewell to your interviews to create an even better candidate experience.

Configure and brand your video interview

Set the time to think, maximum answer time, and add your logo and brand colors to the interview so that it conveys your brand.

Invite candidates to a one-way interview from within BambooHR

Invite candidates individually or in bulk by changing their candidate status in BambooHR to “Send Hireflix Interview”. You can set automatic Email / SMS / Whatsapp notifications to choose how candidates will be invited to the interview.

Automatically remind candidates of their interview

Set automatic reminders so that candidates get notified if they don’t complete the interview in a specific time frame.

Review responses in BambooHR

Once a candidate completes the interview, a link to their interview will appear on the BambooHR notes section. Your team and hiring managers can watch the interview on that link.

Hireflix + BambooHR Integration Video Demo


How it works.

This integration will allow you to link your BambooHR account with your Hireflix account so that you can invite candidates to one-way video interviews from within BambooHR itself. The integration has been set up so that you can invite candidates in bulk. Once a candidate replies to a video interview their status will automatically change and the links to view the responses will come into your BambooHR account.

What data syncs?

BambooHR FIeld Sync Direction Hireflix Field Field Logic or Notes
Job ID position_id Used to match BambooHR to Hireflix positions in order to sync applicants and trigger video interviews.
Application ID interview_id Used to match BambooHR applications to Hireflix interviews.
Applicant Status candidate_status Used to trigger Hireflix Video interviews and to change the status of the video interview back to BambooHR.
Applicant First Name canddiate_first_name Used to customize Hireflix interview notifications with the applicant's name.
Applicant Last Name applicant_last_name Used to customize Hireflix interview notifications with the applicant's name.
Applicant Email candidate_email Used to send Hireflix interview invitations to the applicant's email.
Updated: 03/05/2021
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