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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Partner App to BambooHR
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Sync Trigger
It's manually initiated by the user in the Partner App
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Sync Frequency
manually initiated by user

Greenhouse Onboarding helps our customers carry a new hire’s excitement from the interview process through to their first day at work. We help companies make new hires feel welcome, foster collaboration between team members, automate administrative tasks, and create a consistent onboarding program.

Welcome Experience

Stand out by creating an experience that helps new employees explore the community before they start.

  • Walk employees through a welcome flow that familiarizes them with your company and lets them know what to expect
  • Create customizable profiles so new employees can introduce themselves and learn about their team members
  • Eliminate confusion about next steps by helping new hires fill out relevant paperwork and documents before their first day

Onboarding Plan

Create a consistent framework for success.

  • Develop a reliable plan that brings structure to your onboarding process.
  • Pre-determine what actions need to be completed for employees in each office, location, and role
  • Organize documents and collect information in Greenhouse through an easy-to-use eSignature platform
  • Mobilize your internal teams and make sure each person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated tasks and reminders
  • Configure an email flow that informs new hires about their next steps and to-dos.

Automated Tasks

Execute administrative tasks with ease. Automate the logistics of your onboarding plan so you can focus on delivering a great experience.

  • Eliminate time wasted chasing down information by creating a system that orchestrates desired outcomes
  • Define and manage your operations: set onboarding tasks for specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other criteria
  • Assign and set owners, notifications and automatic reminders for easy task completion

Feedback & Reporting

Analyze your performance.

  • Understand what’s going well so you can be more effective.
  • Collect feedback from new hires and understand where gaps are in your onboarding process
  • Work more efficiently with hiring managers to make sure new hires are set up for success
  • Pull reports to see the impact of your onboarding efforts and find areas where you can improve

How it works.

1. Before your organization can enable the integration, you will need to retrieve your organization’s BambooHR domain. Your organization’s domain for your BambooHR account is the alphanumeric information the precedes in the URL

2. Once you have retrieved your BambooHR domain name, navigate to your Greenhouse Onboarding account and click Settings from the navigation bar.

3. Click Integrations from the left-hand panel and select Enable inline with BambooHR.

4. From the subsequent dialog box, input your organization’s BambooHR domain and click Connect to BambooHR.

5. You will be directed to BambooHR’s login page where you will be asked to input your login credentials.

6. Once you sign into BambooHR you will be redirected back to Greenhouse Onboarding. The integration is now enabled for your organization.

7. Full instructions with screenshots available here: BambooHR & Greenhouse Onboarding Integration Set Up

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Greenhouse Onboarding Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name Legal First Name Employee's First Name
Last Name Legal Last Name Employee's Last Name
Status User Status* Employee's status in BambooHR will always be set to Active by default
Hire Date Start Date* Date employee starts job
Email Email* Work Email Address
Department Department
Location Location
Address Address
Preferred Name Preferred Name
Job Title Title
Employment Status Employment Status
Birth Date Date of Birth
Gender Gender
Marital Status Marital Status
Email Personal Email
Profile Photo Profile Photo
Manager Manager
Documents Employee Documents Any documents attached to the employee in Greenhouse Onboarding will be added to the BambooHR profile for the employee under Documents>Greenhouse Onboarding.
Greenhouse Onboarding
Updated: 03/12/2019
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