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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
Every 15 minutes
Discount Packaging

One month free and a $250 Amazon card if they sign our service agreement by 3/31/2022. This is exclusive to BambooHR customers.


GoalSpan is creating the future for employee feedback and performance. It’s a smart tool that replaces the outdated annual review with a simple and intuitive digital platform. Everyone easily sets goals, shares ideas, and gets real-time feedback. This allows employees to perform their best because they are motivated by a clear vision, and understand how they contribute to that vision. Come be a part of our growing community where the world of digital performance is at your fingertips.


Capture more frequent conversations that promote continual learning and growth. Effortlessly post feedback to GoalSpan from your email. Share files, tag ideas, and easily search tags for strategic activity that moves your business forward. Our application encourages a culture that is comfortable giving and receiving feedback, so your organization stays agile and adaptable.

Goals and OKRs

Set and cascade goals. Align individual employee activities with strategic business objectives. Gain full transparency of goals with real-time visibility on progress and potential risks. Keep goals up to date, track all edits, and make frequent progress notes to use for future reference and review.

Reviews, Surveys, and Acknowledgments

Easily create and customize appraisals, feedback surveys, acknowledgments, exit interviews, and more. GoalSpan makes completing tasks easy, efficient, and consistent across the organization. Evaluate progress against goals, compare average ratings, access individual performance levels, and use this data to support improved decision making.

Support and Training

Service is at the heart of GoalSpan, and it influences everything we do. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, accessible, and responsive to the unique needs of every client. Our implementation is hands-on, using a process that is efficient and effective. We also train your employees and managers, so they are adequately prepared.


How it works.

Employee updates in BambooHR will automatically sync with GoalSpan every hour, basic information will update every 15 minutes, making data integration constant and consistent. Add a new hire, remove an account, or update existing employee data, and all changes will be kept current in GoalSpan. We also have photo integration so you can add employee photos to BambooHR and see them in GoalSpan. We have three tiers of data that sync with BambooHR. You can choose to sync every tier or choose which tiers are best for you. Please see below to learn more about which fields are in each category.

With our two-way integration every GoalSpan acknowledgment, goal plan, and review is automatically added to BambooHR for each employee. Our system also supports single sign-on. This allows employees to click a link from their BambooHR homepage and automatically access their GoalSpan account.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction GoalSpan Field Tier
Documents from GoalSpan (Folder created in BambooHR) GoalSpan Document 1
BambooHR ID BambooHR ID 1
Job Title Job Title 1
First Name First Name 1
Middle Name Middle Name 1
Last Name Last Name 1
Preferred Name Preferred Name 1
Work Email Work Email 1
Employee Number Employee Number 1
Hire Date Hire Date 1
Gender Gender 1
Status Status 1
Work Phone Work Phone 1
Work Phone Extension Work Phone Extension 1
Location Location 1
Department Division 1
Profile Picture Profile Picture 1
Cell Phone Cell Phone 2
Home Phone Home Phone 2
Birthdate Birthdate 2
Marital Status Marital Status 2
Address Address 2
City City 2
State State 2
Zip Code Zip Code 2
Country Country 2
Second Language Second Language 2
LinkedIn URL LinkedIn URL 2
Education Information Education Information 2
Emergency Contact Details Emergency Contact Details 2
EEOC Fields EEOC Fields 3
FLSA Code & Pay Group FLSA Code & Pay Group 3
Compensation Information Compensation Information 3
Employment Status Employment Status 3
Employment Status Effective Date Employment Status Effective Date 3
Employment Status Employment Status 3
Employment Comments Employment Comments 3
Bonus Details & History Bonus Details & History 3
Updated: 12/01/2021
Phone Support:
(800) 350-9574
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST
Monday - Friday