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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Partner App to BambooHR
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
On-Demand and Real-Time
Discount Packaging

Preferred Pricing

BambooHR clients get preferred partner pricing, which includes 20% off contractors and 15% off employees for the first year. Preferred pricing is exclusive to new Deel customers. Click the “request more information” button or schedule a demo directly at



Deel is the market leading international payroll system. Deel makes onboarding employees and contractors in 150 countries painless. From payroll to compliance, you don’t have to worry about local laws, complex tax systems, or global payroll. We handle it all.

Full Global Compliance

Use templates from Deel’s global network of legal partners to ensure your contractor agreement is fully compliant with local labor and tax laws. Each contract gets vetted quarterly.

Compliance Document Collection

Automatically collect the required forms and information to verify contractors in each country to ensure they’re compliant.

One-Click Payments

Quickly pay your entire team of contractors with a single ACH using your bank account, giving them the flexibility to withdraw in over 120+ currencies.

120+ Currencies Supported

Contractors have access to 7 different payment options ranging from local payment networks (to avoid wire transfer fees) to cryptocurrency. Also, Deel Card allows workers to avoid foreign transaction fees altogether by loading funds directly onto a Visa card.

Automated Invoicing

Streamline your invoicing process. You’ll save time and gain visibility into your contractor payments.

GDPR Compliant and Secure Data

Deel’s firmly committed to providing clients and users with the highest security and privacy assurances. We remain dedicated to being GDPR compliant, along with all relevant privacy laws.



How it works.

Deel makes it easy to auto-push contract profile and job information from Deel to BambooHR. It allows you to streamline your hiring and ongoing HR processes by:

  • Creating BambooHR profiles and pre-populating them with information from Deel, and
  • Updating job information relevant to signed or amended contracts on an initial and ongoing basis

All of this will minimize time spent on monotonous data entry.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Deel Field Field Logic or Notes
Name and Surname Name and Surname Mandatory
Status Status Mandatory. New Profiles Will Be Created In Active State
Work Email Email Mandatory
Personal Email Email Mandatory
Date of Birth Date of Birth Optional
Work Phone Phone Number Optional
Address - Street 1 Address Optional
Province/State State/Province Optional. If Address is in Australia, Canada, or USA than province or state mapped
Country Country Optional
Postal Code Zip/Postal Code Optional
Tax File Number Tax ID Optional
NIN National ID/ Passport Optional
SIN Social Security Number Optional. Just available for those contractors that are marked as US Tax Residents in Deel
Hire Date Effective Date of First Contract Optional
Effective Date Contractor's Start Date Mandatory
Employment Status Contract Type Mandatory. Irrespective of specific Deel Contract, this maps to the Contractor
Comment Deel Contract Type, Contract Name, Contract Link Mandatory. The specific Deel contract type, Contract Name and Contract Link will map over to this field.
Effective Date Contract Start Date or Contract Amendment Date Mandatory
Pay Rate - Amount Rate Mandatory. For task-based or milestone contracts, we don't map over the rates.
Per Per For fixed rate contracts: Monthly → Monthly Twice month → Pay period Weekly → Week Every other week → Pay period For PAYG Hourly → Hourly Daily —> Day Task → Piece For milestone: * We don't map over compensation
Pay Type Contract Type Mandatory. For contractors, this is always mapped to Contract option
Comment Deel contract type Contract rate period Invoice cycle details Invoice due date setting Mandatory. Integration will automatically input details about the Deel contract type, pay type, pay schedule, invoice cycles and invoice due date settings.
Documents Employee or contractor documents Any employee or contractor-facing document uploaded or generated on Deel (excluding invoices) such as contracts, payslips, compliance documents and more!
Updated: 02/11/2022
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