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Marketplace listing integration type icon
Integration Type
One-way via API
Marketplace listing data flow direction icon
Direction of Data Flow
Partner App to BambooHR
Marketplace listing sync trigger icon
Sync Trigger
It's manually initiated by the user in the Partner App
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Sync Frequency
Fields sync to BambooHR when a candidate is hired

CATS is a full feature applicant tracking system that handles job posting to external job boards, as well as candidate interaction and management.

Organize and search all your data

CATS makes organizing your hiring a breeze. Collect job applications, automatically sync your email communications, and boolean search inside resumes to filter down to the best candidates for each position.

Customizable to work your way

Your company’s hiring process is unique, and you shouldn’t have to change it to fit software. CATS is flexible enough to work with you. Customize emails, statuses, fields, applications — pretty much everything in CATS.

Get the word out

Publish your job postings to Indeed, SimplyHired and other popular job boards and social media with one click. Collect applicants on your custom career portal.

Connect to the tools you use

CATS works with popular tools like WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Slack. You can open documents directly from CATS into Microsoft Word and Google Drive. Sync your email communication with candidates and contacts using Email Integration.

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How it works.

When the integration is enabled, CATS can automatically send candidate information into BambooHR upon changing a candidate’s status.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction CATS Field
First Name First name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Address1 Address
City City
State State
Zip Code Zip Code
Home Phone Home Phone
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Home Email Email
Hire Date Hire Date
Updated: 10/01/2012
Phone Support:
(952) 373-4010 ext. 5
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8:30 AM - 6:00 PM CT
Monday - Friday

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