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Integration Type
Two-way via API
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Both ways (see details below)
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Support employees in Slack, Microsoft Teams & Google Chat

Give employees instant access to the help and information they need with our smart chatbots. Turn any message into a request and manage them all in one place.

Conversational Ticketing

Stay on top of employee communication by assigning, prioritizing, and tracking requests in Back. With employee data from BambooHR at your fingertips, resolving requests gets even faster.

Knowledge & Self-service

Let our chatbots handle common questions and tasks for you. By connecting BambooHR, employees receive relevant answers based on their role, department, and location. They can even request time off directly from the bot.

Workflows & Employee Journeys

Save time and create consistency with automation. Start an onboarding journey when an employee is added to BambooHR, auto-assign requests to the right person, send forms automatically, sync requests with Jira tickets, and much more.



How it works.

After setting up the integration between Back and BambooHR, you can:

  • See employee data from BambooHR (hire date, department, manager, etc.) when responding to internal requests in Back
  • Deliver targeted answers through Back’s chatbots, based on data like role, department, and location
  • Enable employees to use Back’s Slack bot to check their time-off balance and request time off
  • Trigger workflows from BambooHR events, e.g. start an onboarding process when a new employee is added

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Back Field
Name Name
Email Email
Department Department
Division Division
Gender Gender
Hire Date Hire Date
Job Title Role
Location Office
Status Status
Supervisor Reporting To
Vacation Balance Vacation Balance
Time Off Request Time Off Request
Updated: 01/26/2022
Phone Support:
Email Support:
Support Hours:
9:00 AM-11:00 PM CET