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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
Partner App to BambooHR
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Sync Trigger
It's manually initiated by the user in the Partner App
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Sync Frequency
Click 'export' when hiring to send to BambooHR

ApplicantPro is affordable, easy to use hiring software that was built to simplify every step in your hiring process. We give you a branded career site, automatic push to job boards (free and paid), posting to social media, email templates, ability to screen applicants, unlimited free manager logins for collaboration, online employment applications, electronic resume collection, reporting (including EEO and OFCCP) and much more.

Branded Career Site

With a branded career page powered by ApplicantPro you can improve your employer and company brand. Your company brand is represented throughout the entire application process and the best part is that it’s mobile optimized for today’s applicants! Did you know that over 60% of your job seekers are using a mobile device to view your job listings? With ApplicantPro, your applicants can apply right from their smartphone or tablet without skipping a beat. We offer a fully customizable on-line application to meet your needs. Simply send over your current application and we can have you up and running by the end of the week. Your applicants can apply right from their smart-phone or tablet. All of this with no help needed from your IT team.

Get More Applicants

Easily post your jobs to 500+ job boards with one-click job advertising. Source applicants from job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster, state workforce agencies, diversity job boards and more. Push to your favorite social media outlets including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Attract passive applicants with automated job alerts. Each time you post a new job opening, thousands of subscribers will be notified. Use our unique two-step application and collect only the information you need for screening and reporting during the initial expression of interest. By keeping your initial application short, you will maximize the number of qualified applicants that apply. Employee referrals are made easy with ApplicantPro’s applicant tracking system. Track which openings are available for a referral bonus and give your employees a user-friendly portal where they can share your jobs with their own social network.

Screening Applicants

Create custom job questions based on the requirements for your job. Setup automatic disqualifiers and let the applicant tracking system do the work for you. Your qualified candidates will be grouped separately from those who did not meet your minimum qualifications and you can review resumes from only your qualified candidates, helping you reach your top talent faster. Score your applicants’ responses for an even better look at how they compare to the rest of the applicant pool.

Tracking Applicants and Reporting

Tracking for affirmative action? We have you covered. We are currently helping thousands of customers stay compliant with their AA plans. Our system captures the necessary EEO and OFCCP data you need for reporting. Reporting at your fingertips when you need it and how you need it. You’ll have access to our report library where you can run data on some of our most popular reports including EEO-1 reports, applicant log, source reports, time-to-fill and time-to-hire reports to name a few. Need a custom report? With our report builder you can create custom reports on the fly. Never go without the data you need.

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How it works.

ApplicantPRO™ integrates with BambooHR through our API. When you are ready to hire an applicant, simply click to export them over to BambooHR and a new employee record will automatically be created and populated with the following information: First Name Last Name Address (tied to Address Line 1 in BambooHR) City State Zip Code Home Phone Home Email Job Title* *Note: The Job Title field will only sync over into BambooHR if the title already exists within the BambooHR drop-down field list.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction ApplicantPRO Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Address line 1 Address
City City
State State
Zip Code Zip Code
Home Phone Home Phone
Home Email Home Email
Job Title Job Title The Job Title field will only sync over into BambooHR if the title already exists within the BambooHR job title drop-down list field.
Updated: 01/01/2014
Phone Support:
(888) 633-9269
Email Support:
Support Hours:
8:00AM - 5:00PM MT
Monday - Friday

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