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Promoting a culture that supports positive employee engagement is critical to the success of any company. Applauz is a web-based employee engagement and rewards platform designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Applauz provides all the features your organization needs to build a happy and healthy work culture – from Peer-to-Peer Recognition, company badges. company polls and pulse surveys, awesome rewards, custom perks, and more.

Company News Feed

Publish workplace stories, announce news and new program participants, and let employees share their everyday lives with each other.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Embed your core values, and shine a light on the good, great and exceptional

Manage Company Polls

Create custom company polls, or let your employees ask each other questions using the integrated polling feature.

Give Recognition Points

Participants earn points for actions and events that you choose. Reward points are redeemed for items offered in your program’s rewards marketplace.

Applauz Newsfeed

Keep your staff connected and engaged on the Applauz Newsfeed. Recognize colleagues and employees, award culture and performance badges and recognition points, post, comment on newsworthy company events and cultural happenings.

Celebrate Employee Events

Never miss an employee’s upcoming birthday or service anniversary. Set Applauz to automatically send you notification emails of any important employee occasions and choose to celebrate it with the entire team.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Embed your core values, and shine a light on the good, great and exceptional

Company Polls

Create custom company polls or let your employees ask the questions. Get instant feedback on anything from what everyone wants to eat for lunch on Friday, to what color to paint the office walls.

Employee Goals

Set up either time-based or condition-based objectives and assign them to employees. Once the goal is met, recognize and reward those involved with Applauz Badges and/or Points.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys let your workforce anonymously respond to a series of scientifically deduced workplace questions shedding light on how they feel about their team, managers, and workplace.

Service Awards Program

Easily automate your company’s Service Awards program. Participants celebrating work anniversaries will automatically receive an email congratulating them on their loyalty with a Gift Voucher for them to redeem on the Applauz Marketplace.

Engagement Dashboard

Applauz offers a full suite of workplace employee engagement analytics. Find out which employees are the most engaged, who earns the most peer recognition, who receives the most company culture badges, and much more.

Workplace Culture Report

These statistics outline the level of engagement and also exactly how your employees choose to engage with the Platform on a daily basis. Who are your Culture promoters and who maybe needs a little more encouragement?

Applauz Points

Gift Vouchers let you reward your program participants on the spot for any action or behavior that warrants an immediate reward. Set your desired value for the voucher and the participant will be able to shop the items at that price point.

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How it works.

With the BambooHR integration, customers can fully automate their Applauz Recognition program. All new hires are automatically added to Applauz and their profile is automatically kept up-to-date via the integration.

What data syncs?

Employee # Right Employee ID
Address 1 Right Address 1
Address 2 Right Address 2
City Right City
County Right County
Date of Birth Right Birth Month / Birth Date
Department Right Department
First Name Right First Name
Hire Date Right Date Hired
Job Title Right Job Title
Last Name Right Last Name
Mobile Phone Right Phone
State Right Providence / State
Work Email Right Email
Zip Code Right Postal Code
Profile Photo Right Profile Photo
Updated: 05/18/2021
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(833) 277-5289
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9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
Monday - Friday.