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Integration Type
One-way via API
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Direction of Data Flow
BambooHR to Partner App
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Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
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Sync Frequency
The default is to synchronize daily, but this can be modified.

ABILITY SMARTFORCE® provides cutting edge online employee workforce management technology at an affordable price. We work with hospitals, EMS groups, physician groups, medical centers, nursing homes (or any long-term care facility), hospitalist groups, or any shift-based enterprise or facility. ABILITY SMARTFORCE® will help you reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, decreasing employee turnover, and increasing scheduling efficiency, communication, and compliance to right-staffing ratios/HPPD/$PPD. Management and Employees gain back valuable time to do what they do best – provide quality service. Customers choose ABILITY SMARTFORCE® because of its extremely simple to use interface, quick implementation time, and proven ability to deliver immediate ROI through cost savings, increased efficiencies, and better quality of life for their Managers and Staff.


  • ABILITY SMARTFORCE® is a next-generation, 100% cloud-based and fully mobile scheduling and open shift management application that transforms scheduling for single units, department, clinics, facilities, and enterprises.
  • Eliminate hours spent on phone calls and managing schedules, reduce overtime and empower your staff to collaborate in the scheduling process.
  • Your staffing data is no longer be buried in spreadsheets or lost on paper but put to work for you, supporting more data-driven and effective staffing decisions.
  • Our powerful apps (for iPhone, iPad, and Android) enable users to do the same functions as our desktop solutions using our powerful native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android. Easy syncing of your schedule to your personal/work calendar, along with intelligent notifications directly to your smartphone.

Time & Attendance

  • ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Attendance moves your punch clock to the cloud. Get insights into staff punches, compliance, and trends, and give your staff the freedom to punch in and out from mobile, tablet or desktop applications. With the geo-location, you’ll know staff members are punching in on-site, and iBeacon will prompt staff so they never miss a punch!
  • ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Attendance alerts both managers and staff to keep everyone informed. Manager can automatically compare time punches with the schedule. Perfect matches can be closed with one click, non-matches are flagged with warnings (early or late) or errors (missing punches). Define and track attendance policies, time-keeping rules, contractual requirements, and regulatory requirements.
  • With insightful reports, managers can review activities and reports to address tardiness, overtime use and sick calls by individuals, units, departments or across facilities.


  • ABILITY SMARTFORCE® offers 24/7 access to view schedules and take immediate action. See and manage your schedule, including requesting open shifts and time off, and swapping shifts from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Managers can send announcements and broadcast open shift needs to qualified staff.

How it works.

The integration allows for shared clients to easily configure the synchronization of personnel information from BambooHR to Ability SMARTFORCE. To set up the immigration a user will need to go through three steps:

  1. Creation of an API key to be used by Ability SMARTFORCE.
  2. Mapping of BambooHR positions to the corresponding Ability SMARTFORCE job types.
  3. Mapping of BambooHR locations to the corresponding Ability SMARTFORCE departments. Once that is completed from within the Ability SMARTFORCE application personnel data will be synchronized daily from BambooHR to Ability SMARTFORCE.

What data syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction ABILITY SMARTFORCE Field Field Logic or Notes
Employee # Employee # This is the identifying field for the integration. The two systems employee IDs must match.
Last Name Last Name
First Name First Name
Address 1 Address 1
Address 2 Address 2
Status Active This is used to determine if the employee is an active employee within the Ability SmartForce Application.
Best Email Email 1
City City
State Code State Code
Zip Code Zip Code
Home Phone Home Phone
Department Department Department and Division are combined to map to a specific Department in the Ability SmartForce Application. A department may be duplicated from a name standpoint in the application but not within the division.
Division Department Department and Division are combined to map to a specific Department in the Ability SmartForce Application. A department may be duplicated from a name standpoint in the application but not within the division.
Hire Date Seniority Date
Termination Date Inactivation Date
Job Title Job Type This requires a mapping from the BambooHR specific value to the Ability SmartForce specific value. The mapping is performed during setup.
Pay Rate Wage Type
Updated: 07/31/2019
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Email Support:
Support Hours:
Monday through Friday
7 AM - 7 PM CT