What is TimeRewards?

TimeRewards is an advanced time and expense tracking app designed to help growing businesses streamline time and expense tracking, With a range of features including online timesheets, receipt capture, automatic reminders, approval workflow, QuickBooks integration, and more, TimeRewards is ideally suited for accountants, consultants, lawyers, government contractors, engineers and creative agencies.


Powerful Invoicing

A 1-click invoicing process allows you to create and send professional invoices quickly and easily. You can invoice for hourly, fixed fee, recurring, phased, milestone, percentage-complete, and more.

Clutter-free Expense Tracking

Take photos of receipts and store them in your TimeRewards. You can capture expenses in real-time from your mobile phone, setup rules and preferences to avoid expense entry mistakes, bill clients for expenses, track Mileage and more.

Stress-free Time Tracking

Provide your team with the most straightforward DCAA compliant time tracking tool they’ll ever use. It is easy to get your team onboard with the simple, insightful layout and automatic reminders. TimeRewards is customizable to work the way you do. It is accessible through your mobile phone from anywhere, anytime. You can setup rules and preferences to avoid online timesheet entry mistakes. You can track time by customer, project, task, and class. Use multiple concurrent timers for easy and effective time entries.

Approval Workflow

Make your timesheet, time-off and expense approvals as simple or as complicated as you desire with approval workflow customization: you have total control!


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Integration Type
Two-way via API
Direction of Data Flow

Both ways (see details below)

Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
Sync Frequency

Every 60 Minutes

How it Works

Once the TimeRewards and BambooHR integration is enabled, you will be able to import employee and Time Off information from BambooHR. You can also send timesheet information to BambooHR for payroll or to track accruals. The sync process runs every 60 minutes and keeps everything updated from BambooHR without manual intervention.

What Data Syncs?

BambooHR Field  Sync Direction  TimeRewards Field
First Name  from bamboo HR to partner First Name
Middle Name  from bamboo HR to partner MI
Last Name  from bamboo HR to partner Last Name
Display Name  from bamboo HR to partner PrintAs
Home Email  from bamboo HR to partner Email Address
Termination Date  from bamboo HR to partner Termination Date
Gender  from bamboo HR to partner Gender
Address 1  from bamboo HR to partner Home Line 1
Address 2  from bamboo HR to partner Home Line 2
City  from bamboo HR to partner Home City
State  from bamboo HR to partner Home State
Zip Code  from bamboo HR to partner Home Zip Code
Country  from bamboo HR to partner Home Country
Home Phone  from bamboo HR to partner Home Phone
Work Phone  from bamboo HR to partner Office Phone
Mobile Phone  from bamboo HR to partner Cell Phone
Date of Birth  from bamboo HR to partner Birthday
Approved Time Off Requests  from bamboo HR to partner Approved Time Off Hours
Approved Hours Worked  from bamboo HR to partner Approved Time Hours

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Support Contact Options

Phone Support:  (800) 631-1365
Email Support:  support@timerewards.com

Support Hours

8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Monday - Friday

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