What is Small Improvements?

Small Improvements is a performance feedback platform that helps employees and companies grow and succeed. It’s a highly configurable suite that offers everything needed to foster and support a positive feedback culture: Ongoing Feedback, Performance Reviews, 360 Degree Feedback, and Goals and Objectives. It integrates with other tools such as BambooHR, Okta, Google G Suite, Slack, HipChat, and more, to make it very easy for both HR and end users to navigate and make the most of the platform.

Ongoing Feedback

Small Improvements helps with ongoing feedback such as Praising a coworker for a job well done, and requesting ad hoc feedback from peers and managers any time. This way feedback is immediate, and by the time a more official review is due a lot of issues may have been already resolved, allowing the review to focus on the bigger picture.

Objectives and Key Results

Based on all feedback collected, employees can set up their objectives for the quarter or for the year, iron out problems and work on their strengths. Objectives can get shared with managers, the team, or the entire company, so it’s easy to be transparent and also get valuable feedback from others.

Performance Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback

Small Improvements enables HR to set up very fine-grained performance reviews and 360 degree feedback processes, and helps guide employees with minimal training required. We’re working with 700+ companies, so most use cases of mid-sized companies can be easily modelled with Small Improvements.

1:1 Support

The product contains advanced support for regular 1:1 meetings, supporting managers and team members alike. Meeting can be prepared using shared (or private) talking points, and notes can be stored either in shared or private form as well.

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Integration Type
One-way via API
Direction of Data Flow

BambooHR to Partner App

Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
Sync Frequency


How it Works

Small Improvements integrates with BambooHR's API to provide a seamless connection. Changes to employee information managed in BambooHR can be automatically detected and updated within Small Improvements, and reporting features for Small Improvements are available directly through the BambooHR Reports interface.

What Data Syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Small Improvements Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name from bamboo Hr to partner First Name
Last Name from bamboo Hr to partner Last Name
Work Email from bamboo Hr to partner Work Email
Status from bamboo Hr to partner Status
Gender from bamboo Hr to partner Gender
Reports to from bamboo Hr to partner Reporting to
Hire Date from bamboo Hr to partner Hire Date
Job Title from bamboo Hr to partner Job Title
Location from bamboo Hr to partner Location
Preferred Name from bamboo Hr to partner Nickname
Employee # from bamboo Hr to partner Employee Number
Employee Photo from bamboo Hr to partner Employee Profile Picture Admins can choose to re-use the BambooHR employee profile photo.  Small Improvements does not store the BambooHR pictures, they are only displayed. The "disable pictures" option in Small Improvements will allow SI default pictures to appear. BambooHR photos will not display if the "disable pictures" option is selected.

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Integration Supported By:

Small Improvements and BambooHR

Support Contact Options

Phone Support:  (888) 299-4243
Email Support: support@small-improvements.com

Support Hours

9:00AM - 6:00PM CST
Monday - Friday

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