What is BullseyeEngagement?

Bullseye performance management solution helps facilitate a coaching and mentoring culture, enhances employee retention and significantly improves employee engagement in the performance development process through its ease of use and social communication features. Configurable to an organization’s specific needs, the application includes complementary modules for employee and organizational goals management, employee training management, job competency management and succession planning.

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BullseyeEngagement Overview

Integration Type
Two-way via API
Direction of Data Flow

Both ways (see details below)

Sync Trigger
An event
Sync Frequency

Upon employee record (add, update, terminate)

How it Works

The integration occurs through OneID sub system. It is a two way integration. It can be scheduled to run at a specific time and day or can be real time. It syncs all the mapped employee data between the two systems.

What Data Syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction Bullseye Engagement Field Field Logic or Notes
Employee # two way sync with partner Emp ID*  This is the identifying field for the integration. The two systems Employee #/ID must match.
First Name two way sync with partner First Name*
Middle Name two way sync with partner Middle Name
Last Name two way sync with partner Last Name*
Hire Date two way sync with partner Hire Date* Employee's joining date in Bullseye Engagement
Work Email two way sync with partner Email*
Employment Status  two way sync with partner Employee Type*  Part time, full time, contract
Gender two way sync with partner Gender
Birth Date two way sync with partner Date of Birth
Reporting To two way sync with partner Report To
Department two way sync with partner Department*
Location two way sync with partner Location*
Job Title two way sync with partner Job Title*
Status two way sync with partner Status*

*Required field in Bullseye Engagement

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Support Contact Options

Phone Support:  (713) 554-0909
Email Support:  support@bepms.com

Support Hours

9AM - 5PM CT
Monday - Friday

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