What is BambooHR Performance Management?

Performance reviews are broken. At least, they were. We fixed a few things like huge time commitments, weak results, and infrequency. Then we added meaningful feedback and better ways to measure performance and engagement. The result? Innovative (dare we say, enjoyable?) employee performance management. Performance Management is an optional upgrade to your BambooHR account.


Automated Reminders

Increased frequency won’t increase your workload. Simply select how often you’d like reviews completed, and we'll send automated reminders to employees. And we’ll continue sending reminders until the review is completed (at a your preferred pace).

Objective Feedback

BambooHR’s performance management slashes through subjectivity to get real insights. For instance, managers state what they would do to keep an employee rather than how they feel about them. This way, you learn an employee’s true value instead of a manager's rating style and personal preferences.

Employee Engagement and Development

Measure more than performance. We’ve developed a simple way to measure engagement and pinpoint employees needing more development and fulfillment at work. When you improve engagement, you’ll also positively impact things like performance and retention. And possibly happiness (results still pending).

Increased Frequency

Can you remember everything you did over the past year? Neither can your people. Frequent feedback is easier for employees to incorporate and managers to remember (making reviews more effective). Solid performance management software makes giving frequent feedback far easier to, you know, give.

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How it Works

BambooHR's Performance Management module is available as a fully integrated add-on to our BambooHR Essentials or Advantage package. When enabled, it is available to setup and configure in the same BambooHR interface you already know and love. BambooHR offers you what really matters: Goal Tracking, Assessments, and Peer Feedback. You will also have the ability to track goal progress and view a report of where your employees stand when it comes to engagement and performance.

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