What is 15Five?

15Five is the #1 performance management software out of 150 vendors on G2Crowd. It's lightweight performance management software helps managers check-in with employees every week via a short survey and automated 1-on-1 meeting agendas. Managers who use 15Five also can easily setup and track quarterly objectives (OKRs) for their teams and individual employees, give recognition with High Fives, and help employees grow with quarterly or semi-annual 360° Best-Self Reviews.


Weekly Check-ins and 1-on-1s

The 15Five weekly check-in replaces long reports, email threads and spreadsheets. Employees spend 15 minutes a week to answer questions and update the status of their OKRs, and managers just 5 minutes to review and quickly add responses to a 1-on-1 agenda. 15Five allows managers to turn employee feedback into swift action, coach employees through their most pressing challenges, and gives leadership a sense of morale and how the company is tracking toward their goals.

OKRs / Goals

15Five Objectives (OKRs) allows you to easily create, manage and track objectives. The process of tracking OKRs inside 15Five won't disrupt your employee's workflow or add extra spreadsheets and emails to update. Everyone will stay focused and engaged on the highest leverage activities that support your company-wide goals.

Best-Self Review

Our answer to the counter-productive annual review is the Best-Self Review. Simple, lightweight and research-backed, the Best-Self Review is a 360° performance review that incorporates self, manager, peer and upward feedback, and designed to occur either quarterly or semi-annually.

High Fives

15Five helps organizations celebrate the big and little wins. Employees can simply and quickly @mention a colleague and share why that person earned their praise over the past week. All High Fives can be displayed to the entire company in 15Five or via Slack, boosting morale and allowing managers to easily pinpoint their rockstars.

Integration Type
One-way via API
Direction of Data Flow

BambooHR to Partner App

Sync Trigger
It's scheduled to sync at a regular time interval
Sync Frequency

Daily or manually triggered within 15Five

How it Works

The BambooHR and 15Five integration links a company’s performance management software with their human resource information software (HRIS). In a few simple steps inside the 15Five application, an administrative user can link the two accounts and import the company’s employees and management structure into 15Five. The synced fields you can import include: name, title, email, employee ID, location, reviewer email, and group (department in BambooHR). The user can customize the sync schedule to run automatically or manually, so that the two systems are updated with the latest employment changes.

What Data Syncs?

BambooHR Field Sync Direction 15Five Field Field Logic or Notes
First Name from bamboo HR to partner First Name
Last Name from bamboo HR to partner Last Name
Status from bamboo HR to partner Status 15Five will check for the "status" field. If it is left blank, employment status will be checked.
Work Email from bamboo HR to partner Email
Job Title from bamboo HR to partner Title
Location from bamboo HR to partner Location
Status from bamboo HR to partner Status
Employment Status from bamboo HR to partner Status  The status can come in one of two possible fields
ID from bamboo HR to partner BambooHR ID
Supervisor from bamboo HR to partner Reviewer Display Name
Employee Number from bamboo HR to partner Employee ID
Department from bamboo HR to partner Department
Division from bamboo HR to partner Division
Preferred Name from bamboo HR to partner Preferred Name

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Support Contact Options

Email Support:  support@15five.com

Support Hours

M-F 8AM - 5PM Pacific
S-S 10AM - 3PM Pacific

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