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What does Lever do?

Applicant Tracking System

Product Features

Lever Hire: ATS and CRM functionality in a single powerful platform to help you source, nurture, and manage your candidates all in one place. Lever Nurture: Intelligent sourcing automation software for game-changing relationships with top talent Lever Talent Intelligence: Track your recruiting metrics

Competitive Advantage

Lever’s product suite goes beyond ATS, to To equip talent leaders with the automated reach of a marketer, the forecasting ability of a sales leader, and analytics and reporting capabilities of a finance leader.



What do you offer that BambooHR Doesn’t?

Lever is the #1 recruiting software for your customers to hit their hiring plan and the momentum leader (G2Crowd). Differentiating features: 1) Custom careers page, 2) Post to job boards, 3) Easy referrals, 4) Nurture campaigns & recommendations, 5) Interview scheduling, 6) Robust interview kits, 7) Fast & structured feedback, 8) Easy Book, 9) Interview summary, 10) Out-of-the-box & customizable reports

BambooHR / Lever Integration

One-way API integration. Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information into BambooHR.

Some of Lever’s Integrations…

Lever has integrations with the most impactful partners across the HR Tech stack include email, communications, sourcing and referrals, job boards, assessments, background checks, analytics, and onboarding.



Departments sold to:

Recruiting and talent acquisition teams, and management/decision makers for earlier-stage companies


Global, with strongest customer presence in US, Canada, Europe, and ANZ.

Languages Supported:

Lever supports Unicode text of any language. Lever is optimized for English, and various components of the user interface are in English.

What size of organizations does Lever sell to?

Sweet spot of 25-2500 employees

Customer Key Attributes:

  • 1) Growing headcount 30% YoY or more, 2) Current processes are not scaling, 3) Metrics-based organization where data drives decisions, 4) Top-of-funnel concerns: High volume and velocity of hires, 5) fierce competition for talent Investing in greater diversity

Key Joint Customers:

Algolia, Bizzabo, Bird, Coinsquare, WePay

Talking Points

Integrated sourcing tools: double your response rates from passive candidates

Email drip campaigns: Engage candidates at scale through personalized email campaigns

Customer careers page: Launch a Lever-powered page in minutes that blends right in with your website

Job board distribution: Access native LinkedIn/Glassdoor integrations, and more than 10 connected job boards

Easy Book interview scheduling: Seamless self-scheduling for candidates

Interview kits and feedback reminders: Build panels/kits for each job posting



Qualification Criteria

1) Gmail or Office 365 uses.
2) High growth organizations, where current hiring processes are bottlenecks to hire fast and with conviction
3) Companies making data-driven decisions in talent acquisition.

Pricing Details

Tiered; discounted for BambooHR customers

Annual subscription fee based on full-time employee count.

Timelines & SLA’s

Sales Timeline

Lever Sales account executive will reach out within 48 hours to the prospect

Implementation Timeline

The average customer will be implemented within 10 weeks

Additional Notes

Bamboo reps (not customers or prospects) can email with questions.

Quick Links & Collateral

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