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Preferred Integration Tiers

BambooHR's curated approach to recommended apps.
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At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. We created the BambooHR Marketplace with that in mind. The Marketplace gives you access to high-quality integrations from our partners, allowing you to do even greater work. All Marketplace partners are vetted for security, target market fit, and solution fit to ensure that their integrations solve your real-world needs.  To help you choose the best integrations, we’ve organized the most-used integrations into Pro and Elite tiers. Watch for the below badges as you browse listings in the BambooHR Marketplace.

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Elite integrations are the most used apps in our marketplace.  Enjoyed by hundreds, and in some cases thousands of customers, these integrations have the most satisfied customers and have a track record of helping BambooHR customers achieve their potential.

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Pro integrations are proven integrations with high customer satisfaction and are growing in popularity (usage) and utility.