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What does Blissfully do?

SaaS Management, Optimization, Compliance, User Provisioning, and More!

Product Features

Blissfully is the most complete SaaS management platform. It’s built for modern companies that are built on SaaS apps. Blissfully creates a seamless interaction for IT, HR, and Finance, rather than an old school command and control IT approach. Provides reports of SaaS operations, helps meet compliance needs, SaaS optimization and spending, and much more!

Competitive Advantage

1. Automated detection and tracking of all SaaS apps a company uses. Eliminates the need for IT and HR to try to keep track of all SaaS apps with manual spreadsheets.
2. Onboarding – when you trigger an onboarding, Blissfully will create a list of all the apps a new hire needs, and send tasks to the account owner of each app to make sure they are given access. IT, HR, the new hire, and their manager can view the real-time status of their access, creating a much more efficient onboarding process and allowing everyone to stay up to date easily.
3. Offboarding – secure, automated backup, suspension and deletion of G Suite accounts

What does Blissfully offer that BambooHR doesn’t?

User Provisioning, SaaS spending & tracking, Software Complaince, SaaS optimization, and so much more!



BambooHR / Blissfully Integration

One-way API integration. The integration automatically syncs user updates from Blissfully to BambooHR daily to avoid duplicated work.

Some of Blissfully’s Integrations…

SSO providers, Slack, Okta, One Login, Xero, and many more



Departments sold to:

Any Department


Primarily US, international support available on case by case with english only

Languages Supported:


What size of organization does Blissfully sell to?

1-5000 (Start Up-To Enterprise)

Customer Key Attributes:

Uses lots of SaaS, Do they have any formal audits (e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27001), which indicates a huge need for Blissfully, needing to cut spending in SaaS operations, etc.

Key Joint Customers:

Zaius, Yoco, Whoop, Uberflip, Travelperk, Tradecore, Theblacktux, Spytecinc, Sparkschools, Saltedstone, Robinpowered, Quiqup, Propellerhead, Poka, Pixability, Miolay, Mavenlink, Jiminny, Jetruby, Interana, Gardner-builders, Equipmentshare, Doctify, Bolt, Bloomon, Bandujo, Andela, Analogfolk



Timelines & SLA’s

Sales Timeline

A sales rep will reach out within 1 business day.

Implementation Timeline

Depends on the Company and the needs they have.

What is the qualification criteria?

1. Uses G Suite (requirement as of today, will change in late 2019 probably)
2. Uses lots of SaaS
3. Bonus: Do they have any formal audits (e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27001), which indicates a huge need for Blissfully


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